These People’s Dumb Decisions Will Make You Feel Like The Smartest Person On Earth

Sometimes, people don’t always think things through before making a decision. Although to err is human, some people ignore logic and choose to do things that they know could end horribly. This usually results in some kind of accident or misfortune that could have easily avoided if people simply used the brain they were given. If you think you’ve made some bad decisions in your life, think again. These people’s terrible choices will make you feel like the smartest person on earth.

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Going, Going, Gone

If your friends ever dare you to do donuts in your car on a frozen body of water, don’t do it. The end result is usually going to be what’s pictured here. One second it might seem like everything is going fine and then the next, you’re completely submerged in below-freezing water.

Whoever was driving this car appears to be extremely lucky, as you can tell by the footprints showing that they walked away from the vehicle. They’re probably going to have a hard time explaining this one to their insurance company, or more likely, their parents.

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