Failed Products That Companies Regret Wasting Money

No matter how well-known a company is, it’s always a risk to release a new product. Even if the company spends millions on advertising and research, the outcome could still fail. Some businesses are still recovering from these losses.

Certain companies experiment with different ideas, such as when Cosmopolitan released yogurt. Others watch their product self-destruct–remember the exploding Samsung phones from 2017? Learn about the worst product flops of all time and how they happened.

Colgate’s Frozen Dinner Lasagna

Did you know that Colgate once released food products? In 1982, the toothpaste brand released a frozen TV dinner. Colgate beef lasagna hit the shelves along with several other frozen meals that were popular at the time. And no, the lasagna wasn’t supposed to help your teeth.

Despite the hype, Colgate’s lasagna failed spectacularly. The company was so embarrassed that it refused to feature the product in the Museum of Failure. Today, all you can see is a replica of the box.

Coming up: how the most expensive advertising campaign in America failed.

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