Google Maps Blurred Out These Mysterious Locations

Since Google Maps launched in 2005, people have explored parts of the world that they could never see before. But some areas and objects are not available to view because Google has blocked them out.

Anyone can request that their property can be blurred from Google Maps, but some spots are pixelated for seemingly no reason. Entire islands and cities have been obscured without the residents even knowing. Learn about the most mysterious places that Google has censored.

One Mountain In The Himalayas

At least 45 mountains make up the Himalayas. Many of them stretch over 25,000 feet, and few people can climb them. But only one peak, Kangtega, has been blacked out on Google Earth.

Also called The Snow Saddle, Kangtega rises 22,251 feet into the air. It is one of the smaller mountains in the range, but people dont know why it has been censored. Some believe that it may be a glitch in the system.

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