Hilarious Photos That Show Just How Ridiculous Office Life Can Be

A lot of people think working in an office can get old, and that it’s all paper-pushing, reports, and emails. But that’s not what working in an office is all about. It can actually be a lot of fun if you’re surrounded by the right people.

From passive-aggressive signs to dinosaur-shaped office chairs and creative ways to cover up coffee spills, here are some pictures that sum up life in the office perfectly. Keep browsing; these photos are hysterically truthful.

Spending 15 Minutes Wondering Why Your Mouse Isn’t Working

There’s nothing quite like waking up, driving to the office, making it to your desk, turning your computer on, and then realizing your mouse just isn’t moving. Don’t worry though, we’d bet this person wiggled the device around for a solid 15 minutes before turning it over

Jennifer Bonstein/Pinterest

What they probably thought was a bum mouse turned out to be a prank by what looks like the Joker. The next move is on you, Batman. Make it a strong one.

Up next: this person really should have thought about locking their office door at night.

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