No Bang For Your Buck: Dollar Store Items That Aren’t Worth Buying

Dollar stores can be an excellent resource for someone living on a budget, but just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. If you get ten items that don’t work, then that’s ten dollars you just spent for no reason. Whether it’s ineffective electronics, irritating skin and hair products, or hazardous food and kitchen items, there are plenty of examples of things that prove you get what you pay for. Read on for items that aren’t worth buying at the dollar store.


Headphones are one of the easiest items to discern in terms of quality because you can hear the difference right away. While some headphones are overpriced due to the brand, there is a certain amount that’s worth paying for the quality.

Cheap headphones or earbuds can sound crackly, muffled, or have a poor connection to your device. The result can be difficulty hearing or, worse, pain in the ears from the unpleasant static and inconsistent connection.

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