Signs That Gave Everyone A Good Laugh

Signs are excellent tools for a multitude of reasons. Not can they be used as a universal language, but they can provide direction, warn of danger, provide information, and more. However, one thing is certain: there’s nothing better than a funny sign. Whether it’s intentional or not, people can’t get enough of them and can induce a chuckle even from someone having the worst day. Don’t believe it? Check out these hysterical signs that you can’t help but laugh at.

What A Deal!

If you enjoy washing and vacuuming senior citizens, this is the place for you! For the low price of $15.95, you can wash and vacuum the elderly to your heart’s content, a low price that you won’t find anywhere else.

But in all seriousness, whoever created this sign probably should have had it looked over by someone else because it’s completely misleading. We just hope that nobody actually stopped in looking to wash and vacuum senior citizens.

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