The Funniest Photos From Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a multi-genre comic book convention that is held annually in San Diego, California. It gives people the opportunity to listen to panels of speakers, meet their idols, see unreleased trailers, and of course, dress up as their favorite film, TV show, novel, or comic book characters. People like to really go all-out when it comes to dressing up or what’s commonly referred to as “cosplay,” and rarely do people disappoint. So, here are the funniest pictures captured of people at Comic-Con.

Who knew stormtroopers had puppies?

Will Farrell (Kind Of) Brought His Character To Life

Will Farrell may best be known for his live-action comedies such as Step Brothers, Old School, Blades of Glory, among many others. But he also lent his voice in the animated film Megamind.

So, at Comic-Con, in a very Will Farrell move, he decided to bring his character to life to promote the movie, and the result is a little scary. He must have made this costume himself because we doubt any of the film’s producers would have been okay with him representing the film like this.

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