The Most Intriguing Things People Came Across At The Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store sucks. It really does because you have to make the effort to do it, and you’re dropping money only healthy food you don’t want to eat. But, going shopping is no different than taking the subway to work.

It captures the peak of the human experience, with some interesting things that stand out like a Broadway play. You never know who you’ll come across at the store. The next time you walk into the store, go ahead and watch in awe.

Poor Pikachu Can’t Reach The Table

Okay, that’s one way to fight loneliness, but poor Pikachu is too small to reach for the food. He’s even got his own plate too.

Photo Credit: chkenpooka/Reddit

It’s a pretty common thing for kids to leave their stuffed animals with mom and dad. My bet is that the child is running around somewhere and the best Pokémon had to stay behind.

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