The Sneakiest Secrets As Told By Movie Theater Employees

These days, going to the movies can be an expensive ordeal. Unless you’re going on a discounted night, which is usually packed, you’re more than likely going to burn a hole in your wallet paying for your tickets, and even more if you find yourself at the concession stand. However, there are secrets about going to the movies that the theaters don’t want you to know but employees learn the longer they work there. Here are some of the best ones!

Look out for a sneaky way to get a refund!

The Popcorn Usually Isn’t Fresh

Even though most customers assume that the popcorn they are being served is fresh, considering that it’s usually served out of the popcorn maker, it isn’t always the case. Something that theaters take advantage of is that few customers would ever be able to tell how old their popcorn is, so they save money by selling old batches.

According to one theater employee, on slow nights, extra popcorn will be stored in large bags for days at a time until it’s ready to be reheated and served to moviegoers.

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