The Strangest Things People Have Seen On The Roads Will Have You Scratching Your Head In Confusion

The road is an open public space that literally anyone can access. It’s mandatory to use if you’re wanting to get from point A to point B which means that you’re probably going to see some interesting characters driving around.

The roads are unpredictable and literally, anything can happen. From people drinking in trunks to dogs taking the car for a joyride, you will never be disappointed in the content that comes from the highway. This article has compiled some of the most bizarre sightings that will surely have you scratching your head in confusion.

Storm Troopers Are People Too

It’s really annoying that people forget stormtroopers are people too. They might have to fight a Jedi off of the Death Star at 3 pm, but at 5 pm they have to pick up the kids from daycare and take them out for a walk in a stroller.

storm troopers

It’s a shame that we evaluate people based on their jobs instead of who they are outside of it. This trooper didn’t even have enough time to get undressed before he had to pick up his little kid. I hope this changes the way that you think about Star Wars the next time you watch it.

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