Unbelievable Facts About And Photos Of Some Of The World’s Largest Sea Critters

Some of the worlds largest creatures live in the ocean. Unfortunately, they tend to hide from human eyes, so we often forget theyre there. We dont remember that there are jellyfish with tentacles reaching 112-feet long, or that certain whales are actually the largest animals on Earth!

Here are amazing photos of and facts about some of the largest sea creatures. You wont believe some of the animals who are lurking underneath the waters surface!

Whale Shark

Whale sharks are characterized by their wide mouths that they use to filter feed on the bottom of the ocean. Each whale shark has unique pale grey speckled and striped skin. Because of these markings, the people of Madagascar call whale sharks marokintana, meaning many stars.

These mammals are quite docile, not minding human interaction, despite their massive size. While the average whale shark can reach up to 32 feet and 20,000 pounds, the largest confirmed was around 62 feet in length!

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